Beti Padhao Desh Badhao Essay In English

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Beti Padhao Desh Badhao Essay In English

Many times we have witnessed that parents don’t really consider giving complete full education (padana) to the daughter (beti) than son.

Because they might think that especially girls are not good at education, but this isn’t true; there are many examples were daughters are making history.

It’s rare especially In India that genuinely parents consider to give complete education to the daughter.

But still things are changing and parents have started getting aware that daughters can be great places and good things for the country if we give them access to educational stuff.

We know daughters can be leaders of a country, daughters can be a sport person, daughters can be a great businesswoman or entrepreneur, daughters can be a scientist, daughters can be a good doctor or engineer.

Back in times parents didn’t understand it easily, but in today’s date things are improving. Parents started believing in their daughters skills and talents and started giving them support.

If a country wants to develop or desh badhao, then country’s every sector should have participation of daughters or beti and if this wouldn’t happen it can’t develop enough.

The reason is we are well known about developed countries, but we how to understand how developed countries give importance to both daughters and sons.

They give equal importance or opportunities both, and both are important to make development in a country.

One thing parents should understand who have doubts about the potential of daughters; just look at how many daughters of developed countries have won medals in Olympics games for their country.

Why is educating daughters important?

Obviously everyone has a right to get education and often in we have seen parents don’t support to much to daughters education as compared to sons education.

And that isn’t a good thing because it indeed impacts development of a country and recognition of a country globally.

When daughter gets complete education (beti padhao) she would undoubtedly be able to get the basic knowledge of all subjects along with that they can be good at different subjects.

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After that, they can successfully crack competitive exams and become MBBS, IT Engineer and any other civil services officer.

There are thousands of examples of daughters in India who have made good scores in competitive exams and built their careers in it.

Education is an important thing and everyone should take it because with the help we can change the world and make it a better place.

What’s the importance of educated daughters in nation development ?

As mentioned earlier education is pivotal and it can make a person successful in the field he/she is working.

And that’s a real metric in national development. Here is example to understand context better.

If our country would have educated and talented doctors and they are known for treatment worldwide and from abroad patients came for treatment to our doctors, that’s called development of country.

Educated daughters are important for the country’s development because they can build great businesses in the nation.

Another way that educated daughters are important to national development is that they can be good representatives of a region.

Every parent should educate their daughter or beti, she will make you proud.

Note: In this post we gave you beti padhao desh badhao essay in English and we also talked about importance of educating beti and benefits in desh badhao. Hoping this essay will add some value.

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