Clean And Healthy India Essay In English 500 Words

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Clean And Healthy India Essay In English 500 Words

To make clean and healthy India, every Indian should take serious action to make clean India and when we will be able to make clean, undoubtedly this would be great achievement to make healthy India. And firstly, we should start clean India mission from our homes, for that on regular basis we must clean our homes and surrounding.

Obviously everybody knows our health is hugely dependent on cleanliness, in our homes; if we don’t care about cleanliness in the house and surrounding, we will more likely to get sick frequently as compared to those people who maintain cleanliness in their homes.

Cleanliness and health are some how correlated, along with cleaning our home and surrounding, we have to clean our body to be able to stay healthy.

We know if you’re not healthy, we won’t be able to work, so health is pivotal to living happily.

In India, if we want to keep Indians healthy from a village to a glittering urban city, we need huge health infrastructure, health-related stuff awareness and spreading awareness of importance of clean India.

There are several places throughout the India where people are not aware about how badly uncleanliness impact on their health, which can eventually ruin a family, so giving them education about cleanliness or hygiene would the great option to make contribution in clean and healthy India.

Whatever the action we take to make them educated about health and cleanliness, will help in a clean and healthy India.

How we can contribute to keeping India clean and healthy?

As citizens of India, we collectively do a lot more things or contribute to keeping India clean and healthy.

Firstly, we have to understand how we can keep India clean or make India clean. Cleaning of our homes is the first pivotal step towards keeping India clean and then we have to prevent or stop throwing waste materials on the roadside or cleaning those dumps of waste materials near roads or where we find.

These waste materials dumps are really harmful to us because where the various disease causing organisms are exits.

Which eventually enters into our homes, and we suffer from diseases.

So keeping clean or cleaning our surrounding stuff can make a substantial contribution to keeping India clean.

Now let’s discover how we can contribute to making healthy India. As we already know uncleanliness is not good for our health, so making clean India is also one aspect to making healthy India.

Another thing we can do to contribute to healthy India is follow health-related guidelines and do things which are required or essential for the body to stay or become healthy.

Along with government of India also took an initiative to make healthy India-like providing high quality health facilities to every Indians in low cost.

What are the importance of clean and healthy India ?

The importance of clean and healthy India is literally big in growth of India and it is the part of foundation for India to become great country.

If a town is clean and neat, that town has a different identity in a country and especially tourists come to visit to see a town, which is an essential thing for a growing economy.

Similarly in that sense. If Indian cities become cleanest, that will assist in driving tourists to our country. So that is the one the of importance of clean India.

A clean city gets attention from all over the world and it helps to attract tourists to the city. Which is ultimately beneficial for a country.

Undeniably, health of citizens of a country is one major factor in the economy of a country because as citizens or population of a country suffers from diseases or gets sick, then there will be trouble in the functioning of economy.

If the people of a country are healthy and well-being, they would be able to contribute properly and efficiently to the economic cycle of a country.

In that similar context, if we are Indians, are healthy and physically fit, we would be able to put our work properly in our daily life and our work is a substantial thing in our economy.

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How we can clean our country India?

A single person in our country India cannot clean whole India, he/she just do help to clean surroundings places where he/she live.

To clean whole India, every citizen or person of India should participate in mission to clean India, that indeed best way to clean India within less time. As most of the population of India takes interest in cleaning India, the it would be easier too.

As we’ve seen the schools heads did campaigns in which they cleaned near places around schools with help students, and that’s appreciable work schools did and but those schools who haven’t tried these things should try so there would be big help into making clean India.

And if students will do cleaning of surroundings in town once in a month then this would help India keep clean.

Along with that, there are many organizations who occasionally do campaigns to clean a city and that initiative is required to clean India.

But at the personal level, what are the actions or steps we can take to clean India or keep India clean.

At the personal level we can do is that try to avoid throwing waste anywhere like plastic bags, plastic bottles, medical waste, vegetables waste as we avoid doing these, this will help in terms of keeping our surroundings clean at least.

Or instead of throwing waste, we should give it to government vehicles which come into areas once in a week to collect waste material stuff.

Whatever the steps we can collectively or individually take regarding making India clean is always going to be helpful for our country India.

So that was some sort of overview of how we could clean India at a personal level or via an organization.

What’s the actual meaning of clean and healthy India?

Indeed, the meaning of clean and healthy India, if we would embrace cleanliness then it will assist Indians to stay healthy.

There are several diseases causes due unhygienic conditions in our home like Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, and other diseases.

So the genuine motive of clean India is that if we would keep our homes and surroundings clean, we wouldn’t suffer from these diseases which are mainly caused due to unhygienic environment.

In our daily lifestyle we often suffer from diseases which are caused due to unhygienic or uncleanliness practices in our homes.

And the best way to avoid these happening is to apply or do hygienic practices in our homes or workplaces so we can save ourselves and our familys.

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