Digital India Essay In English 250 Words

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Digital India Essay In English 250 Words

Digital India is one substantial thing happened in developing India and it has made big change in life of Indians.

In this digital age, our country will not be developed enough if we don’t adopt a digital structure in a country.

Digital India is doing incredible work in India that wasn’t seen country before, but Digital infrastructure in India is still yet to be developed enough.

Government of India launched Digital India Programme in 2015 to provide Indian governments various services through digital way throughout the India.

Genuinely this programme is helping Indian citizens from rural areas to urban areas and people are now getting government services digitally.

Precisely someone who lives in a village, he still can get access to government services through a nearby customer service point.

But what are the benefits of digital India?

Benefits of Digital India

1) Access Government Documents Instantly

Digilocker is one product developed by Indian government digital India; this is helpful to Indian people in terms of getting instant access to government-issued documents.

On digilocker any Indian can create their account and get access to central government-issued documents and states government-issued documents.

Where Indians can get access to aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, Vaccination Certificate, and other documents.

And more importantly, Indian students can get access to their mark sheets and passing certificates of 10th and 12th grade, whether they have given exam in state board or central board.

These documents are authentic and are accepted everywhere like Indians don’t need to carry Driving license while driving because if you’ve digilocker then you can show your driving license through digilocker.

So a product developed under Digital India Programme called digilocker is beneficial for Indian people.

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2) Instant Fund Transfer

UPI is a product developed under Digital India Programme; it has great benefits to Indian people.

Through UPI, Indian people can transfer funds without paying any transaction charges because it has removed middle entity of transaction, so this an awesome advantage to use UPI.

Globally, this digital India product is getting huge appreciation and UPI transactions volume is growing tremendously.

And this growing UPI is a great foundation to make a cashless economy where people don’t need to carry cash, they can pay and receive funds with help UPI.

Some countries are taking the initiative to start UPI-type infrastructure in their countries.

So these are two great benefits of Digital India Program to Indian people.

Examples of Digital India

  1. Digilocker
  2. Unified Payments Interface
  3. Payment System through Aadhar
  4. Aarogya Setu
  5. Cowin
  6. Umang App
  7. Self4Society

These various examples which are developed under digital India initiative, they help Indians to get government services easily.

In a broader sense, cowin has played a big role in vaccination of Indian population and this infrastructure was to be built to keep the record and find vaccination slot availability so people get vaccines without troubles.

And Cowin has also received huge appreciation from global.

Another great initiative of digital India is payment system through Aadhar in which people are withdrawing funds from customer services centers with just Aadhar card if Aadhar is linked to bank accounts.

So these various initiatives of digital India are helping Indian people and it is making our country India digital.

Note: In this post we gave you digital India essay in English 250 words and here also mentioned about important is the digital India initiative to Indians. Hoping this essay will add some value.

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