Essay On Our Water Our Future In English

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Essay On Our Water Our Future In English

Without any doubt there is no brainer to say a human being cannot survive without using water and our human body is made of 70 percent water.

Undoubtedly water is a crucial thing in our life and for our survival, we can’t live without of water.

So if we wouldn’t be able to save our water, that would eventually be going to harm our future as a result, humanity would face an existential crisis due to the scarcity of water.

Our future living on earth definitely depends on the future of water, like what if we wouldn’t get water in the future we would die, so future living of humans is most depends on water.

Here not just human beings will suffer due to the scarcity of water, but also those small, big animals which live everywhere on our planet.

Mostly our daily life is essentially dependent on water for various purposes. The most crucial need is that we need to drink water for survival. along with that, water is used for other daily purposes like washing clothes, taking a bath, cleaning dirt ,cleaning dishes, and many other things.

So taking this uses of water in our daily life, we would be able to recognize who, usefulness or importance of water in our life.

We all take use of water in our life and continually if we want to take use of water in future also we must save water and use it properly so future generations wouldn’t face water scarcity problem.

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How we can save water for our future ?

As we want to take actions for saving water for the future, we can actually do some things which eventually going to assist us in our future.

Firstly we go to the shower or taking a bath or washroom; we must understand how much amount of water we should use while doing these things, so as a result we would be able to save some amount of water.

Accidentally many times we forget to turn off water tap and it causes huge waste of water, so to avoid waste of huge amount of water everybody we should carefully turn off water tap after taking use of it.

We already know that there is 71 percent of the earth’s surface is filled with water and among them there is just 3% of the water is fresh water, which is something we can use in our daily life.

Taking these numbers in mind, we need to recognize who it is necessary to save water for our future generations, and that a clear way to save water is to just don’t waste water more than we need.

There are several places throughout the world where people walk too long to find water for survival so they can drink water and survive, and there are many people worldwide who don’t get enough water to fulfill their daily needs.

Water scarcity is the biggest issue many people face especially during summer season, and if we are willing to solve water scarcity problem we must save water.

Why is water important to us?

Here are some important reasons why water is important to us.

1) Human body needs water

Often we’ve heard that we need to drink 3-4 liters of water every day that helps to keep our body healthy.

But the important question is why human body need water?

The human body needs water for almost everything. The most substantial thing water plays in our body is for maintaining our body temperature in border context when there is hot outside body release water as sweat to maintain temperature in our body.

Water is required to create different liquid juices which is required for various body functions like for digestion and another thing water do assist our body to eliminate waste materials like urea through urination process.

Water helps to keep our kidneys safe because our kidneys won’t work without water. Kidneys play a pivotal role in urination, so to excrete liquid waste kidneys need water.

And obviously when our body runs out of energy and we are thirsty, here, water can indeed can help to increase some sort of energy in our human body.

Human body needs water for several purposes, so drinking water 3-4 liters a day is essential to do different activities in human body.

2) Farming Requires Water

We need to stay healthy and live healthy; we must eat vegetables and various fruits, and to cultivate these crops farmers need water, and if we face inadequate water problems we won’t be able to live healthy.

Globally there is a huge number of people living in neighborhoods of 8 billion, and to supply food resources to people, farmers have to cultivate several types of crops and vegetables, and so farming water is an essential thing.

Annually supplying food resources is a complex process and obviously without water farmers won’t be able to grow crops.

Water is as crucial as oxygen for us and our future is dependent on water; we need water everyday almost at every activity.

3) For Daily Human Activities

We humans have to do various activities like washing clothes, taking a shower or a bath, cleaning out our mouth, cleaning dirt and many other activities.

To keep getting benefits of water for longer period in future we have to conserve water and value the importance of water.


In this post we provided you with an essay on our water, our future in English; here we’ve also included why it is important to save water and how we can save water for our future. Hoping this essay will assist you.

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