Female Education Essay In English 200 Words

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Female Education Essay In English 200 Words

Both male and female have a right to get education, educating females as important as educating males because they both can brighten their future with the help of education. And everyone should need to understand that females are capable as males and that they can build their future. So educating female is the essential thing in today’s world.

In the 21st century, things are changing and changing about female education because parents are starting to understand the importance of female or women’s education.

And that is one pivotal source which drives interest of parents about female or daughters education.

So results of that there is growing graph of female education around the world.

But back in the times, giving education to females or daughters was tough because society didn’t give priority to female education and there was huge inequality about education.

In 1848, Indians Jyotibha Phule and Savitribai Phule started first schools for females because they tolerated lots of hate from society’s people. And that’s where the first seeds of female education started.

In today’s date, female education is one important element in a country and people have realized the benefits of educating females or daughters.

Around the globe, there are huge number of daughters who take education by going regularly, going to school prior to this time daughters had faced many challenges to get education.

Importance Of Female Education

One of the great importance of female education is that educated females are admired and respected everywhere.

In broader terms, those females who got education and got good jobs like doctors, engineers and civil servants or to become businesswoman or entrepreneurs are respected in society as compared to females or girls who didn’t get education.

The second great advantage or importance of female education is that educated females can get their dream job.

Like if a girl likes the doctor profession, she can take education which is required to crack medical entrance examination and become doctor, and obviously there is different kind of enthusiasm to do work in profession she likes.

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Similarly, there are a lot more jobs opportunities for females available out there, so females or girls just need to recognize where they want to go and start getting an education in that field.

Another importance of female education for females itself is that when they get education they would able to understand how things in world works.

Along with that, when in a country most population of females are educated or literate, there is importance of is that in future that country would be one of great country in the world.

Directly educated females play pivotal role in growth of countries; for example in a country there are educated females and in every sector of a country educated females do their work; most likely they would do well for the growth of that country.

And eventually, if that educated females of a country put hard work and efforts for development and growth of a country, then nothing would the improvement of that country.

Barriers of Female Education In India

The most popular barrier to female education in India is not having enough funds to teach or educate daughters according to the fathers of daughters in India.

But these fathers have funds to educate their sons, and they give excuses for not having funds when it comes to giving education to daughters.

The barrier of female education in India has rarely been seen in today’s date, but some parents do barricade their daughters education by giving the reason of not having funds.

In opposition to that, there are parents in India who genuinely want that daughters must get education and become good females which can contribute in growth of India. And those who gave excuses of not having good financial condition should take lessons from those positive mindset parents who support females education at any cost.

Another barrier to female education in India, which is seen mostly in rural parts of India, is young age marriage.

Especially in rural areas or villages of India, parents support their daughters education until high school, then parents do marriage of their daughter at a younger age.

So doing marriage of daughters at a younger age is one the barrier for female education in India.

A third female education barrier in India that can’t be ignored is the safety of girls or females. There are folks in the country who believe that it wouldn’t be safe for a daughter to take education by leaving their homes.

Some parents see these barriers stop educating their daughters, but there is a percentage of parents in India who support their daughters education at any cost.

In this long post we’ve provided you more than 200 words essay on female education which will definitely going to help you.

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