Fire Safety In Building Essay In English 500 Words

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Fire Safety In Building Essay In English 500 Words

Probably many of us have once in our lifetime lived in big buildings, or many own buildings have experienced the living system of building.

In this essay we’ll have to consider building and not small home by respecting the topic of the essay we’ve asked.

Number of floors of buildings varies in many places, but mostly in cities there is huge number of floors in buildings like 20 floors. 30 floors and more and obviously huge buildings are more complex for living as compared to small buildings.

So clearly big buildings which have multiple floors would definitely need big fire safety systems as a contrast to small buildings.

This was some sort of overview of fire safety risks because small buildings can indeed get help easily than huge buildings.

Let’s try to find out why small buildings can actually get fast support or help when there are fire issues in buildings.

If there is fire issue is happened on 30th floor of a building, obviously it would be difficult to stop fire or assist those people who caught due to fire but if we fire is happened happened in lower floors of building, then it can easy to stop fire by spraying water on it through fire safety vehicles.

But clearly if fire in building not spread big, or fire is just happened in a room, then it can be stopped by spraying water on it or using fire extinguishers which are mounted on walls of a building.

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And if the fire is spreading so fast, and which is uncontrollable, then we can just run away from the fire to a safe place so that we can’t get harmed due to fire in a building.

That’s what exactly we can do to escape from fire by not getting harmed.

When fire is spreading so fast and we’ve seen that then we can help folks who are not aware of a fire in a building, we actually save their lives by knocking on their doors and telling them.

What are the main reasons which cause fire in a building?

1) Electric Spark

When there is a celebration or ceremony or a festival at that time, people who live in a building can do decorations by using different colors, electricity light bulbs.

And if an electricity short circuit happens, that spark of electricity can cause a huge fire in an apartment or a building.

So to prevent huge fires in a building, those folks who are doing electricity decorations stuff should take care of it by instantly sprinkling or spreading water on water it or using fire extinguishers.

2) Fireworks

Especially on festival time like on Diwali or on new year, people usually celebrate Diwali or new year by bursting firecrackers.

While enjoying firecrackers when often forget to see that tiny pieces of firecrackers, if that small fires of firecrackers get in contact with clothes or materials which can burn easily, then it can cause big fire problems in a building.

And so to protect buildings from that fire, we must carefully enjoy firecrackers, or enjoy firecrackers on playing ground where nothing can get harmed.

3) Gas Cylinder Blast

Often there are several incidents of fire in a building that have been witnessed due to blast of gas cylinder and many folks witnessed these kind of incidents around the world.

And because of the gigantic fire caused by the blast of the gas cylinder, many people lost their lives.

To prohibit the happening of huge fires in a building, people who live in a building should take action to protect or avoid the blast of a gas cylinder.

So electric sparks, fireworks and gas cylinder blasts are some causes of fire in buildings around the world. So if we would be able to control causes of fire, then we could be able to prevent most of the fire incidents.

What measures can we take to prevent fire incidents in a building?

Surely If difficult to prevent every fire incident in a building, but undeniably we can indeed prevent many of the incidents.

While preparing for decoration in an apartment building during festivals or ceremony times, we must observe the and find out places that can lead to electric spark and cause fire and replace them.

And when there are fireworks in a building, carefully we collect and destroy small parts of the fireworks, so they cannot cause fire and harm. In the case of gas cylinders, we must seek help from people who actually know who we can safely use gas cylinders.


In this post we have provided you fire safety in building essay in english 500 words, and here we’ve also included what are main causes which lead fire in a building and how we can prevent happening these fire incidents.

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