Forest and Its Importance [Essay]

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Forest and Its Importance Essay

Forests have a big contribution to making earth planet green and forests are spread over the surface of planet earth.

Forests are the place where animals live and forests are the home for many different kinds of animals.

But in recent years some people want to build buildings on homes of animals, forests, and this isn’t a good thing.

It is a threat to forests where animals live, where we get medicinal plants and that plant helps human lives.

Forest are natural and it requires longer periods to transform land into forest.

Forests are important which are beneficial for both animals and humans and we should avoid cutting forests.

Indeed, we must protest against people who are cutting forests and trying to save forests.

Along with that everyone should keep in mind forests are essential part of environment and we should focus on tree plantation so we would get benefits from forests for longer period.

To make people aware about the importance of forests or the need for forests, we celebrate 21 March as International Day of Forests.

Especially on International Day of Forest organization arrange tree plantation program and people aware about importance of forests in our life.

Importance of forests

1) Precipitation

We know that if a region has dense forest or more trees, the possibility of precipitation in that region is high as compared to a region which has thin forest or less trees.

And if precipitation in a region happens to be low, that region faces the consequences of less rain like a scarcity of water during summer.

Precipitation directly impacts on the economic conditions of a particular region; if a region has sufficient water, the farmers will get it advantage for their harvest or crops.

So in those areas where forests are not dense, that areas people should start initiative of tree plantation so they would get advantages of having dense forest in upcoming period.

The forests have great importance in terms of precipitation in a region.

2) Medicinal Importance

On planet earth, forests are spread and every region forests have different varieties of trees or plants.

And these forests plants are sources of medicine we take during medical treatments.

Plants are used to make various kinds of medicines and that medicines help to cure various diseases.

And if we wouldn’t protect our natural forests, then we will not get resources to make medicines.

So forests have great importance in making different kinds of medicines.

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3) Oxygen

Everybody needs continuous requirements of oxygen to survive and the source of that oxygen is trees and forests.

During the respiration process human take oxygen from the body and release carbon dioxide from the body.

Human body cells require oxygen to do various functions of body parts like breakdown of food, digest, food etc, and the source of oxygen in trees or forests.

If we want to use free nature’s oxygen for longer spans in future, we must protect forests from deforestation and plant more trees.

So forests have an importance in providing oxygen for human.

4) Raw Material Importance

The newspaper we read, books we read, write in notebooks are because of the wood of forests that is used to make paper.

And in rubber are produced by extracting latex from rubber tree and rubber tree found in forest.

In rural parts, people use dead plants or dried wood as a fuel source for cooking.

These are all because forest plants enable us to make this possible.

These are some importance of forests.

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