Essay On Importance Of Water And Its Conservation

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Essay On Importance Of Water And Its Conservation

Water is an essential thing, our body more than food, and without water we can’t survive.

Seriously, we wouldn’t be able to find a single human who doesn’t drink water or lives without water and doesn’t use water in their daily life.

But one thing that is clear here is that our human life came on earth with the help of water, since the first humans formed on earth, that time there was water present.

Obviously water helps to keep babies alive before the birth of a baby and babies are indeed human species.

So there would be no option to argue or for debate on water essentiality for human.

Everybody knows almost every species on planet earth requires water in a different way to survive.

Importance Of Water And Its Conservation

1) Essential for daily works

In our daily life we use water more than any other liquid material for different purposes.

While toothbrushes we need water to wash mouth, many people brush a single time a day and some do twice a day.

Obviously every time we brush we use water to clean our mouth. So water is important while cleaning mouth.

After brushing we require water to shower or to take a bath.

That’s not enough, but during washing clothes we need water, to clean floors or other parts of the house or appliances we need water.

So water is essential for various daily work in our lives.

2. Requires to grow crops and trees

As already mentioned every species needs water to grow similarly plant also require water growth.

So if trees and crops didn’t get enough water, they wouldn’t grow, for their growth water is an essential factor.

And our life is dependent on crops for food resources and on trees for oxygen, so water is crucial to living on earth; it has an impact on almost every thing on earth.

To survive trees and crops water has a big importance on it.

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3. Water needs for human body

In adult the human body has near about 60% water and for survival the human body it requires water.

We have many times heard that every day we should drink 3-4 liters water, because indeed the body needs water.

In human body needs water for chemical reactions, to produce fluids in the body, water helps to maintain internal and external temperature. Water needs to remove waste materials from the body.

So water has importance for various purposes in the human body.

Importance of Water Conservation

We know on earth surface there are more water and land, in extract numbers, 71% of earth surface is covered by water.

Among 71% of water, only 3% of water is drinkable.

The importance of water conservation is that if we conserve water, we can use that for longer periods.

Many parts of people live only on very less water especially in summer times.

So if we conserve water from those parts of world where water is abundant of fresh water as compared to drought parts of world, we can help them by providing water support.

Conservation is water is essential mostly during summer season because we may face water scarcity during that period.

And many people have faced water scarcity several times where precipitation happens in low amounts.

To avoid fresh water scarcity, everyone should start conserving water.

In this post we gave you an essay on importance of water and its conservation, and we also mentioned requirements of water in human life.

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