Important Days related to Science [Full List]

If you’re a school student or candidate for competitive exams and you’re searching for the list of important days related to science and haven’t found it yet, then this post will help you.

In this post we will give you a list of the important days related to science which will hopefully fulfill your need.

Important Days related to Science List

The following is a list which contains the important days related to science that implies this days are observed as science days all over the world.

Every science day has a purpose to celebrate, so celebrating science day helps science stay alive in the world.

We’ve seen several times that many folks love to celebrate important science days annually.

And we believe that celebrating the important days related to science and making people aware about science stuff is always beneficial for society and the world.

Let’s understand it by example so you can get the idea or understand context better about how celebrating the important days related to science are beneficial for society.

The World No-Tobacco Day is celebrated on 31 May every year if prominent person on the internet share awareness messages about how tobacco can harm human body.

If a person who admires that prominent person will see this message, so person will avoid taking the tobacco.

So without further ado let’s dive into a list of Important days related to science.

Important days related to science

Important DayObserved On
World Diabetes Day14 November
World Habitat Day4 October
World Food Day16 October
World Population Day11 July
World Hapatitis Day28 July
World Oceans Day8 June
World Blood Donor Day 14 June
World Food Safety Day7 June
World Tuna Day2 May
World Bee Day20 May
World Migratory Bird Day8 May
World No-Tobacco Day31 May
World Biological Diversity Day22 May
International Earth Day22 April
World Wildlife Day3 March
World Water Day22 March
International Forest Day21 March
World Tuberculosis Day24 March
World AIDS Day2 December
World Wetlands Day2 February
International Mountains Day11 December
World Soil Day5 December
World Down Syndrome Day21 March
World Malaria Day25 April
World Science Day For
Peace and Development
10 November

In table we have arranged the important days related to science.

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Some Important Days related to Science in Detail

1) World Blood Donor Day

Globally World Blood Donor Day is observed on 14 June.

We know blood is an important component in our bodies, so if we give needy people our safe blood, we can be able to save their lives.

Most folks all over the world celebrate world blood donor day by donating their blood.

Along with that, people appreciate donors for their blood donation.

2) World Water Day

World Water Day is observed on 22 March globally every year.

On this day people spread awareness about the importance of fresh water for our bodies.

Note: In this post we gave you a list of important days related to science and we are hoping this will help you.

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