Life without Science and Technology [Essay]

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Life Without Science and Technology Essay

Today we know our life is totally dependent on science and technology, and we also sometimes feel how hard live to life was without science and technology.

We all must agree that what is human life as we see it today has huge involvement of science and technology.

Progressive development in science and technology made our lives easier to live as compared to a time when science and technology wasn’t developed enough.

Science and Technology helps save the lives of millions of people and in rockets landing in space.

This shows how broad are the advantages of science and technology for us.

Making human life more peaceful and advanced has science and technology are the foundation for it.

But now the concern is how would be life without science and technology.

Life without science and technology

The best avenue to explore life without science and technology is to imagine our life without things that are built or developed with the help of science and technology.

Imagine the mobile phone we use didn’t exist; how would we connect or contact with other people?

Before the discovery of mobile phones, people used to be connected or in contact with people who lived in other regions by sending letters via post.

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That time people, it wasn’t possible to receive replies to letters; it takes 2-3 days or more to get replies to letters.

This is one of the examples of life without science and technology.

And today we can contact with other people who live any region of world with in a just few seconds.

This single breakthrough in technology helped to make human life more advanced.

Now let’s imagine a time when hospitals, medical treatments weren’t developed enough, how people could cure diseases that time ?

At that time there were very few doctors and medical equipment it was hard to cure serious diseases, no existence of diagnosis medical equipment, so it was difficult to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them.

Now look that today medical equipment, medical treatments, diagnosis machines are all available so it easy to diagnose and cure many diseases.

Along with that today we have various vaccines and medicines which save our lives from diseases.

Now imagine how would people travel from one region to another when there is no developed technology?

Back in time, mainly people used to travel by walking or by bullock cart and to travel long distances cities, it takes a lot more time to reach locations.

Obviously, traveling over longer distances was painful and tedious; becoming a person who travels gets exhausting.

At the same time, look at products developed with help of science and technology we have two wheeler bikes, cars, and we can also travel by trains and airplanes.

It is a lot easier to travel today as compared to the time these didn’t exist.

So these are some examples that show how hard life is without science and technology.

In this post, we gave you an essay on the topic of life without science and technology. Hoping this will add value to your project.

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