Mobile Phone Essay In English 200 Words

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In this post we’ll be sharing a detailed mobile phone essay in English and also mentioning importance of mobile phone or benefits of mobile phone, merits and demerits of mobile phone.

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Mobile Phone Essay In English 200 Words

Almost everyone we see around us use a mobile phone or smartphone in their daily life and it would be hard to live for most people without having a mobile phone.

Probably most of us might have experienced trouble, when we don’t have a mobile phone and that’s how much people use mobile in today’s digital era.

During Initial period of invention of mobile phone many people doubted on capacity of it and how time changed mobile phone became one of essential need of many people.

Nowadays there are several work we can’t do without having a mobile phone, like calling for someone, sending or receiving pictures, sending or receiving messages, doing video calls, listening to news etc. To serve services like this to many people worldwide needs mobile phone.

Mobile phone also known as smartphone and indeed it has changed people lives in many aspects, there were times when talking to someone on device like mobile seemed impossible but now we’re privileged to live this digital era where we can held meetings on video calls on our small rectangle-sized mobile phone.

Because of the need to mobile phones or smartphones to many people worldwide, the market for mobile phone has increased in recent decade and there are several mobile phone or smartphone manufacturer companies in world.

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Internet has played crucial role in dominance of smartphone or mobile phone market in world because there are several features of mobile phone which can’t be done without Internet-like video calls on Whatsapp or holding meetings on Zoom or access information etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Obviously every invention seems good for society and people. but otherside there are people who use it for wrong purposes, and that’s when the advantages and disadvantages of anything comes into mind.

So here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

Advantages of Mobile Phone [Smartphone]

1) Access to Information

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, enable access to information which is put on Internet.

Whenever we’re finding some information which is essential for us, like finding best medical universities in our country, we just go search about what information we’re looking for and we can get it free of cost.

Similarly, many students who get access to educational information over the internet by using a smart phone like looking for updates or schedule of exams or results of exams, or getting admit card of exams or applying for admission in colleges, etc.

And we can get access of information through our mobile phone like news, within few seconds of happening of event, it spread like fire over the internet and we see it via mobile phone.

2) Communication and Connecting with People

Almost everyone has communicated with people through their mobile phone. Communicating with people from everywhere in the world has become possible because of mobile phones or smartphones and this is one great advantage of mobile phone.

Mobile phones assist us to talk with our family members or relatives who live in other cities in our country.

Basically, there are three ways through which we can communicate with other people using our mobile phone audio calling, direct texting, and video calling.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone [Smartphone]

1) Addiction of Mobile Phone

Globally, there are millions of people who got addicted to mobile phones on social media, watching entertainment shows or playing video games.

These addictions simply mean continuously taking use of mobile phones and forgetting about other important daily work, like often folks forget to eat.

Undeniably taking use of a mobile phone has an impact on our mental health as well as our physical health, and many folks might have experienced the impacts of it.

To prevent ourselves from getting addicted to mobile phone we must have to be conscious about how we use smartphone or mobile phone and why it important to have control on usage of mobile phone.

2) Trolling

Trolling is one of the major disadvantages of mobile phones in today’s digital age. People often troll other people on social media by commenting on their post.

Obviously trolling someone over social media using a mobile phone can impact on mental health, so taking use of mobile phones for good purposes is great for our society.

So advantages of mobile phone are communicating and connecting with people, accessing information, holding meetings online and disadvantages of mobile phone are addiction to video games, watching movies, etc.

Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone

Mobile phone are essential if we want to share news or updates with other people. False news or updates spread all over the country within seconds.
Mobile phone are used for gaining knowledge.People often troll each other by taking use of their mobile phones.
We can watch news around the world on our mobile phone.Most people waste too much time due to phones.

Note: In this post we’ve given you mobile phone essay in English 200 words here we’ve mentioned lot more about mobile phone like advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone, importance of mobile phone and merits and demerits of mobile phone.

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