My Vote My Right Essay In English 1000 Words

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My Vote My Right Essay In English 1000 Words

A person who is more than 18 years old gets a chance to vote during elections and that vote lot more importance in democracy than any other. Like democracy exists because voters and we can’t separate democracy and voting.

To run a successful democracy in a country, a voting system is crucial and that’s what keeps democracy alive in a country.

But the question is, why is my vote my right?

Let’s us try to recognize the context behind the adage my vote, my right.

During elections, the future representatives or candidates who are taking part to become the main through that particular elections give funds or any other equipment that every common man needs and persuades them to vote for him or her, like buying voters by giving them money.

This might be the source behind saying my vote, my right.

This isn’t a healthy practice to run a successful democracy in a country and it is going to help for growth of a country in upcoming years.

But what’s the beneficial practice of doing voting or how we can take advantage of our right to vote?

To take advantage or benefits of our rights, we have to study how previous elected members did work for a district or a village, if you found the works he did for development of a society and solved problems of need people in a region.

By doing so we can easily recognize the best candidates for our regions and that’s how we are going to take benefit our right to vote. And this is the way we can run successful democracy, obviously leaders of a country make great development in a country.

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Why single vote are so valuable?

My vote is so precious that it can indeed impact on future leadership of my region or village because my single vote can actually help a candidate to lead.

In history, we know that several incidents were candidates won elections by just a single vote; undoubtedly that’s the real power of a vote.

Those who haven’t recognized the importance of a single vote or those who avoid taking participation in voting in elections should understand this and start to contribute to our country’s growth by choosing the right leaders.

Many folks out there give reasons for what my single vote can do in elections, but yes, your single vote can help to pave the way for development of a region.

So make sure if you’re 18 years old or above just go vote, you can indeed do great work for society.

Why citizens of a country should participate in voting?

Voting is what determines the future of a region or a country because via a process of voting, leaders or main heads of a country are chosen through a voting process.

To develop a country, the new or young generation leaders must be a representative in the houses of a country and that’s done through voting.

Voting assist in determines the best possible members which are indeed helpful for a country and make some difference in upcoming years.

There are several problems we can actually be able to solve if we take part voting like in a region were people of region don’t have good roads during rainy season, schools are not great enough, hospitals have no good doctors or equipment to treat people of a region and many other problems people have to faces everyday. But you citizens can change it by taking part in voting.

If citizens didn’t show interest in voting or avoid making participation, then it can causes in troubles in development of a country like that country’s democracy will ended up as failure.

So to keep alive the democracy of a country, every citizen of a country must take part in voting.

And if the citizens of a country genuinely care about the country and want more improvement in various sectors, they must participate in voting.

How to convince the people of the country who avoid voting?

To convince those uneducated citizens of a country who live in rural areas of a country and usually they don’t know about their right to vote, we have to organize education campaigns around the areas where these people live during elections times.

We can actually tell them what are the advantages or benefits of their right to vote and how their voting right can impact a region or a country.

Apart from that, those citizens who are 18 years old or more who haven’t yet got their voter identification card, we can convince them to apply or get a voter ID card so they can vote.

So these are some ways through which we can convince those rural communities who don’t take a part in voting.


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