No Voter To Be Left Behind Essay In 1000 Words

In your exams or school you’ve been asked to write a no voter to be left behind essay in 1000 words and you’re finding an awesome piece of essay which will make good impression on the teacher while checking your essay then this post is for you.

In this 1000 words post we’ll be delivering detailed information about voters importance in a country or why voters play substantial role in development of a country and importantly, essay on no voter left behind.

No Voter To Be Left Behind Essay In 1000 Words

No voter should be left behind because voters are indispensable in developing countries; voters have the potential to fall a infamous elected members in elections and give a chance to new one in the hope of development of a region.Voting is an essential process to make changes in development of a country like building health infrastructure or reconstructing historical places or providing roads for people.

So every strong nation in the world, like United States of America or India or France, there were voters who were working as foundation to build strong and developed nation that why no voters left behind in every country.

If we clearly understand how nations develop then eventually we realize that there are leaders who are elected by voters on purpose to make development in a country like never before.

We know that voters or people get a chance to elect representatives or leaders of a particular region almost every 5 years (varies) so what if voters who left behind or didn’t show interest in elections voting?

Not wanting to participate in voting can cause major problems in a country’s development or in selecting good members or representatives over the bad ones. It’s your right to vote and it indeed matters a vote of yours.

The more participation of voters can be a game changer because there is a high probability of electing the best possible leaders. To increase participation of voters in India, election commission of India runs the campaigns on television during prior period of election and obviously these action to increase participation of voters should be appreciated.

What causes a decrease in voting during elections?

The decline of participation of voters in elections is one of the major problems we face today and there are several causes which affect in lack of participation of voters.

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Firstly, which includes staying outside of the region where elections are going to be conducted. That means some percentage of voters live outside of regions where elections are happening like voters live in cities and there is elections are ongoing in their hometowns.

Secondly, happening of natural disasters happen before election day; for example, there’s huge precipitation in a region and it leads to heavy water floods in a region or village, which creates a problem for voters to go polling station and vote. And we know that these kinds of disasters have happened many times and we’ve witnessed low voting percentages in that region.

Lastly voters intentionally not showing interest in participation in elections or newly people who just crossed the 18 years old mark yet not applied for voter identity.

So these are some of the reasons or causes which lead to decrease in participation of voters in elections and these can create major impact on democracy of a country.

What can we do to promote no voter to be left behind?

Promoting the saying “no voter to be left behind” can indeed assist in increasing participation of voters in elections; for that we must have to campaign and start educating voters or newly registered voters by giving them knowledge about why your vote can do good for nation or society? Why your vote can make a big difference? Why is your single vote important in a society?.

Usually we know that before state elections or parliamentary elections through television or advertising in newspapers election commission of India runs campaigns and encourages voters to vote through their creative campaigns. In that campaign they especially include about voters, importance in democracy and making progress of nation and many more.

Those educated people who genuinely know the importance of voting or voters participation in elections, they should personally talk to voters and make them aware about the importance of their vote.

These are some of the actions like running campaigns about voting on television or mentioning importance of voting in newspapers and personally taking to voters and make them aware of their right can give meaning to no voter to be left behind.

Importance of voters in a democracy

Voters are essential to running a successful democracy in a country and voters help to keep democracy alive.

In democracy, voters play a crucial role, because it directly impact on the functioning of democracy in a country. Through democracy, voters get the right to vote; their right to vote matters a lot in elections because they have the potential to elect candidates who are responsible and have a vision of development in a region.

Voters get a chance to elect their best possible leaders or candidates or representatives who actually care about the ideas of citizens and work hard to provide services to the citizens.

In this post we give you no voter to be left behind essay in 1000 words, here we included what’s meaning of no voter to be left behind? What are the causes of the decline in voting? And how we can promote no voter to be left behind.

Hopefully this essay will fulfill your requirement.

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