Essay On Our Role In Biodiversity Conservation

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Essay On Our Role In Biodiversity Conservation

We wouldn’t imagine our planet Earth without biodiversity; biodiversity is the sole of our planet Earth.

And biodiversity makes the Earth’s planet different from other planets.

The biodiversity is not in a single region of the planet, but it has spread all over on the surface of the earth.

Among the species which came into existence on earth, we mean human are intelligent, and we have cared about biodiversity. Except humans, other species are not developed enough to take our biodiversity.

To protect and conserve precious biodiversity is one great work we can do as humans.

Our biodiversity has also great significance from different ways, like forests plants help in precipitation and many others.

Our work towards biodiversity conservation will save the environmental ecosystem and planet Earth.

Here are some roles towards biodiversity conservation.

1) Prevent Deforestation

We do our important role in biodiversity conservation is in preventing deforestation.

Deforestation is one biggest major cause for the destruction of biodiversity and our work is to prevent it.

If people cut and clear forest parts for their purposes, it bad impact on the biodiversity ecosystem of that particular region of forest.

When deforestation happens, obviously plants are removed from the land and animals lose their homes.

So preventing deforestation would be a great way to protect biodiversity and we will do it by protesting against people who are going to cut forests and destroy ecosystems.

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2) Protect Endangered Species

On planet Earth there are many different types of species and among them some species number are came to very low and we won’t see them on Earth if we don’t protect and care about that species.

For example, tiger is an endangered species and in the world only about 4000 Tigers population is remaining so tiger are about to extinct from earth and to avoid tiger extinction we have to care about tigers.

Like tigers, many other animals and plants are about to become extinct to avoid that we must take actions to protect endangered species.

So protecting and caring for endangered species in biodiversity is our important role in biodiversity conservation.

3) Create suitable conditions to grow and maintain biodiversity

During summer time many birds migrate from one region to another for water and food resources, and also birds which don’t get food and water have to go through difficult conditions.

To avoid birds death during summer time, we should help conserve biodiversity by providing them access to food grains and some water.

Our easy actions like putting water where birds often come, spreading food grains will be life saver for them.

Not just for the birds, but those forest or biodiversity spots who are facing the same, we should make available to them the required resources.

And for maintaining plant biodiversity, we try to plant trees which are vulnerable and will soon become extinct, so we can maintain and increase their number in future.

So our role in biodiversity conservation is to create suitable conditions to grow and maintain biodiversity.

So these are some of our important roles in the conservation of biodiversity.

Note: In this post, we gave you an essay on our role in biodiversity conservation, and we also briefly explain how biodiversity can be conserved.

Hopefully this essay will add some value.

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