Essay On Our Village And Our Trees

If you’re a school or college student and you’ve been asked to write an essay on our village and our trees and you’re looking for it, then this post is for you.

In this post we’ll be sharing the whole essay on our village and our trees; along with that we’ll be mentioning why it is important to have trees in our villages.

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Essay On Our Village And Our Trees

Village and trees are inseparable, we can’t imagine village without trees because trees make it village and greenery due to various types of plants and trees contribute in our village overview.

And imagine how our village is going to look if there are no trees and plants, so trees make a substantial contribution to the nature of our village.

Those people who live in villages will understand the greenery of our villages, especially during rainy and winter season, it just incredible.

And we have been aware that folks who live in cities or in urban areas came to villages to experience the nature and greenery which is found in our villages.

Basically, village seems like village when we listen to voices of various birds coming from trees; when we saw cow and buffaloes eating grass, when we saw farmers are working in their farms and that gave us such deep feeling about greatness of our village.

And there are a lot more enjoyable things we can experience when we are in our village, like our trees give us various types of fruits during all seasons; in summer, we get mango from trees of mango. In the rainy season, we get custard apples and many more fruits with great quality and freshness.

Why is it important to have trees in villages?

Trees are a crucial thing that must be have in villages because a village is indeed dependent on trees, and trees are important for people of our village and birds who live on our trees.

Our trees give us shadows when there is summer season and outside they’re hot so we can go under the shadows of our trees to protect us from hot summers.

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Our trees make it possible for us to provide pure quality and fresh fruits; we enjoy delicious taste of it along with that our trees help our birds to stay there and live their lives.

One of the most important reasons why trees are important in our village is that it assist in having rain in our villages; having more trees helps in high amounts of precipitation, so trees are essential in our village.

What steps can we take to maintain greenery in our village?

Maintaining greenery in our village is one great thing we can do for our village because greenery and nature of village make it a great place.

So taking steps towards maintaining the nature and greenery of our village is the best way for that we can actually try to plant much more plants.

People who live in villages have to save the trees and avoid cutting them, instead of that they must plant more trees so they would be able to get benefits from our trees.

By doing more plantation of trees is going to assist people of villages to maintain greenery and nature of it. Not just for it, but there are several important things to have more trees like it aid in more amounts of precipitation; it gives place for birds to live, and it gives fruit for us.

Note: In this post we gave you an essay on our village and our trees; besides that we’ve mentioned about how we can maintain greenery and green nature in our village and why trees are important for our village.

Hopefully this essay will fulfill your requirement.

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