Road safety Essay In English 150 Words

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Road safety Essay In English 150 Words

Almost everyone once in a day comes on the road for travel purposes like moving from one place to another. There are millions of people worldwide who travel several kilo meters a day to attend jobs through roads.

Not just employees who take use of roads, but pedestrians or school and college students or old age people take use of roads to move from one region to another.

And to maintain good quality road transport, roads safety is substantial thing, so wouldn’t harm innocent people take use of roads daily.

We are already aware that governments of countries have done many great things to maintain road safety in countries that indeed help millions of people to ride or travel safely via roads.

But still things are yet to be improved because there is news we hear or read about accidents that happened on roads, and if people and government do consider things seriously then it obviously going to assist in increase of road safety.

Road safety is one crucial thing that everyone should understand; we know it feels when someone belonging to our family gets harmed or injured while driving, its so painful to bear.

There is already someone who actually cares about how important it is to stay safe on roads and people who genuinely want and do follow all the roads safety roads that government provides. In opposition to that there are folks who don’t care about road safety and just break all rules and regulations, and because of these people incidents happen.

Why is road safety important?

Yes, road safety is important for everyone because roads have taken the lives of many people every day. And if we want to ride or travel safely, we must ensure the importance of road safety.

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Imagine a situation where a driver of a big truck hasn’t followed any government rules like speed limits or traffic signals or any other; it’s eventually going to take away or harm several other folks who are on the road. That driver behavior is dangerous for people and for society; we must take strict actions against such people so we all would be able to travel or ride safely.

So that might be a good reason behind the importance of road safety.

If everyone personally would understand the rules and regulations, then probably the numbers of accidents or injuries or deaths on roads ultimately going to be at a low level.

Some road safety rules we must follow

Undoubtedly everybody wants to reach safely at place we traveling for and to keep safety of lives we must have to follow some rules.

1) Speed limits

Governments have already fixed speed limits for roads and drivers of vehicles must be aware of speed limits.

If drivers drive vehicles at low speed limits, then probably accidents happening are less as compared to drivers who are literally driving vehicles at 100 kilometer per limit. These drivers are harmful for pedestrians or school or college students or elderly people who walk on the road.

2) Don’t use phone while driving

Many times drivers hang up phone and talks on phone or do something on phone which causes distraction while driving that leads to losing control of a vehicle.

There are thousands of these kinds of incidents many folks have witnessed so to protect our lives and other innocent people lives, drivers of vehicles should keep away their phones while driving or stop vehicles at roadside if there is important thing.

Not phone distraction but any other distraction which keeps away drivers focus from driving is genuinely harmful for passengers and other people.

3) Wearing seat belts and helmets

Among all safety rules wearing seat belts and helmets is a compulsory requirement of road users, which basically made for road safety and to prevent road accidents.

To strictly follow rule of wearing seat belts or helmets government departments apply penalty to those folks who don’t follow rule; as a result, people start to wear seat belts or helmets.

Wearing seat belts or helmets is indeed helps road users from getting harmed or injured, so personally everyone should care about how important it is to wear seat belts or helmets.

Just wearing a helmet can actually save life of drivers and other road users.

4) Learn about traffic signals

Learning about traffic signals is an essential requirement for every road user because everyone has to go through traffic signals.

These are not complex things, but getting education about traffic signals is great for all people.

Ways to promote road safety awareness

As always, to maintain road safety, those new folks who are getting new vehicles must get awareness about road safety so we can maintain safety on the roads.

But obviously the government trains new people while giving them driving licenses, but that is not enough; we must promote road safety often to all people.

Personally, do we have to tell people about speed limits ? And why is it important to wear seat belts or helmets? And why do distractions cause road accidents ?

By doing so we can some sort would be able to spread awareness about safety and road users can travel safely.

Applying strict rules and regulations is a substantial thing to maintain road safety and along with that, educating new vehicle owners also can add value.


In this post we have provided you road safety essay in English 150 words. This essay is longer than what you need but is worth it because this broad essay contains information about the importance of road safety and what are things we can do to be safe on the road.

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