Essay on Role of Media In Social Development

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Essay on Role of Media In Social Development

From the initial time when the media came into existence in human life since then, people started getting more aware about their country and world.

The media has made it possible to get knowledge about what’s happening around the world and throughout the country.

So as a result media has helped people or encouraged them to do protests for social development.

There were start of new age in history towards social development and behind that new age there were media.

And in today’s day media plays a substantial role in our daily life and it would be difficult to live without checking the media.

We get updates about what’s going around our region, around our country and the world.

In today’s date there are various ways to media that assist in social development like newspapers, television, and big one social media.

These media ways newspapers, television and social media, have enabled people around the world to understand what’s good for social development or bad.

And they take actions according to that against people who are not making good changes for social development.

So here are some roles of the media in social development.

Role of Media In Social Development

1) Give Detailed Explanation

When new things come and if they are tough to understand to common people at that time, media has important role to develop knowledge of society’s people about those things.

The media needs to breakdown these things, and make it easier so anybody can develop their knowledge by understanding it.

For example, if there is a project approved by the government, the media should mention detailed information about that project, like how much time would it take to complete the project ? What would be the cost to build that project ? How would that project contribute to social development? How do people get the benefit of that project?.

By giving good explanation would be beneficial people to understand that project.

So one of the crucial roles of the media in social development is that the media gives explanations of new things.

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2.Raise Voice If Something Is Wrong

Often the media doesn’t focus on the major issues which are really important for social development, which is not really good for society.

If something is wrong is happening, country media should raise voice against wrong work and also encourage people and make them understand how these things are wrong for development.

Because media gets to know how things are going wrong as compared to common people who are busy in daily life.

And without having fear media rises voice; if some is wrong, people get easily aware when they see it on media.

This is absolutely going to help improve social life or social development.

So raising a voice if something is wrong is an important role of the media in social development.

3.Don’t Brainwash

Now we’re dependent on the media for genuine updates of the world and our country, but the sometimes media doesn’t do it at all.

Sometimes the media takes advantage of us and promotes other stuff.

They should only tell or show us what’s true, what’s happening and how social development is going.

Don’t try to brainwash people tell the truth that would make social development.

So these are important roles of the media in social development.

In this post we gave you an essay on role of media in social development and we also talked who media made change in society. Hoping this essay will add some value.

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