Say No To Plastic Essay In 250 Words

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Say No To Plastic Essay In 250 Words

In many people’s daily lifestyle we use plastic for various purposes and to stop the use of plastic globally is tough, but it’s not impossible.

To completely stop the use of plastic is going to take long years and to avoid use of plastic somebody need to develop product which replaces plastic.

Plastic can be recycled, but it’s not a working way to say no to plastic. We must have alternative products which take the place of plastic, so in future we will see a declining graph of plastic use.

Now many people have already started using plastic material alternatives which doesn’t have any impact on the environment.

In future, if we are able to reduce the use of plastic, it definitely would great achievement for humans and it will benefit our environment.

So here are some ways to say no to plastic.

Ways to say no to plastic

1) Use cloth and paper carry bags

Plastic bags are used in huge amounts as carry bags where people carry their materials in it.

And the biggest source of plastic bags are the shops where when customers brought something in shop, they gave them their plastic bag to carry the materials they brought.

We use these plastic made carry bags and after our done with plastic bags we throw it as waste. And these plastic bags waste are harmful to the environment.

And to solutions to that, some shopkeepers have already started giving cloth or paper bags to their customers, but still not enough to avoid the use of plastic. Every shop should start giving cloth, carry bags or paper made carry bag.

When we’re going to buy anything in a shop, we should carry a non-plastic carry bag and don’t take plastic bags from the shopkeeper.

So this is a great way to say no to plastic and as we all start using paper or cloth carry bags, we will be able to contribute to environmental conversion.

As early as we switch to non-plastic bags, the more chances that we can control harmful effects of it on the environment.

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2) Start using wooden bottles

Another way to say no to plastic to start using wooden-made environmental friendly bottles.

Often we encounter people using a lot of plastic bottles more precisely when buying water we receive it in plastic made bottles, for that we should start using wooden bottles.

As mentioned earlier plastic bottles can be recycled, but we need a permanent solution for it in coming years we would have bottles which can be replaced with plastic bottles.

Start-to-use bottles made from environmentally friendly materials are essential to controlling plastic pollution.

Use plastic free carry bags and bottles are two main ways to say no to plastic.

What’s the impact of plastic on the environment?

Plastic has a bad impact on the environment and use of genuinely dangerous for our environment.

As we already know plastic is not environment friendly and it remains on the surface of the planet our longer periods.

After taking use of plastic materials, this goes into the ocean via rain water and goes to stomach different aquatic animals like fishes. And many aquatic animals have been harmed due to that.

Along with that, when plastic is burnt it releases harmful gases into the atmosphere, which are ultimately harmful to humans.

Overall it is very dangerous to use plastic on daily basis, we have to switch to non-plastic things so we can control future impacts of plastic on environment.

Note: In this post we gave you say no to plastic essay in 250 words, and in it we also mentioned how you can say no to plastic and how plastic is dangerous to environment. Hoping this essay will help you.

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