The Indian Farmer Essay In English In 250 Words

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The Indian Farmer Essay In English In 250 Words

The Indian farmers are one of the important part of our Indian economy and because of that India is recognized as an agriculture country globally.

And Indian farmers through agriculture contribute nearly 20% to Indian GDP and that’s a huge number.

That number clearly shows that in India there are more farmers than any other profession and that’s what makes India as an agricultural nation.

So, but what is role of Indian farmers? Obviously the role huge if farmers would stop farming, our Indian population would have to face food resources scarcity and because of that farmers are once who supply food resources to the Indian population.

Indian farmers do farming of various crops like wheat, jawar, soybean, sugarcane, rice, cotton and many other nutrients-rich crops.

Along with that, Indian farmers produce food resources like wheat, spices, rice etc. Are exported every year to foreign countries.

Indian farmers not just produce crops on the farm, but they also do animal husbandry. We know animal husbandry is also a part agricultural.

In animal husbandry farmers care and raise animals for various purposes. And one of the purposes we’ve seen mostly is that for milk.

And Indian farmers also have importance in supplying milk to the Indian population.

Indian farmers are spread throughout the they will be found in Assam, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra and every other remaining state.

Every state has a crop which is largely produced like Assam farmers produce more tea. In Maharashtra, rice is produced in large amounts and wheat is produced enormously in Uttar Pradesh.

Why farmers are essential in a country?

We know farmers play an important role in India and they have a significant role in Indian economy.

And in any given country, if the farmers over the years successfully will be able to produce that crops that high market value globally.

By selling that crops to foreign countries would add great value to a given country’s economic growth.

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Obviously many indigenous crops or products are have great importance globally and if farmers make farming of those crops in a country would make sense.

That’s the real reason behind why farmers are essential in a country.

Reasons to Respect Farmers

Farmers work daily, even during summertime, on their crops; there are various things they need to do to protect crops and grow it successfully.

Sometimes they have to go through tough problems like insufficient water for crops, crops suffering from diseases, sometimes huge rain damages crops, etc.

They survive and withstand these conditions and deliver food resources to our homes. And that’s a reason why we should respect farmers.

We must show admiration and respect to them because without them we wouldn’t receive a grain in our house.

Challenges of Indian farmers during farming

1.Inadequate Supply of Water

Often in those areas where precipitation amounts less, there were farmers faced problems of inadequate water supply.

2. Flood In Farm Land

In many areas in India precipitation happens in large quantities which results into flood into lands were crops are cultivated, and huge in water in farm land results into damage of crops.


Indian farmers do hard work to provide food resources in our homes, every year, they make huge contributions to Indian economy and we all should respect our farmers.

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