Trees are Our Best Friend Essay In English 150 Words

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Trees are Our Best Friend Essay In English 150 Words

Trees are our best friend is mainly because trees have important role in our survival; trees help humans to survive by giving free oxygen, despite that some folks cut trees, they don’t understand how precious trees are. And trees are important in various other ways; one of them is medicinal importance.

Trees have huge importance in our daily lives and we are alive and taking oxygen is just because of trees, without trees we wouldn’t be survive.

Human life on earth would be impossible to live on if our earth’s planet doesn’t have any single tree.

Trees are best friends of ours because it give us a lot more like trees, give us shadows during summer, trees give us oxygen to survive, trees give us fruits to eat. So why wouldn’t love the trees and take care of it.

Trees have great benefits for us, so trees are our friends. But some people don’t see the benefits and advantages of trees, and they cut trees.

And cutting trees is not a great thing; trees do not grow in a single day; trees take years to grow up so there is no sense in cutting them.

Benefits of Trees as Our Best Friend

1) Trees Shadow

Trees shadow is one of incredible benefit to as our friend.

We travel during summer time, were there is too much temperature we can get into shadow of trees where we will feel cool.

Many people love sitting under the shadow of trees during day time when there is too much temperature.

We know trees are spread over on earth’s surface and around the world, many people take advantage of cool places to sit or rest when they feel heat in the weather.

So as friends of trees we all can take benefits of trees shadow during summer times.

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2) Fruits of Trees

Trees are the source to provide us with sweet and tasty fruits during different seasons of year.

Every year we enjoy eating fruits from our best friend trees and they have huge benefits in order to make our body healthy.

And when we have our own fruit trees, when we don’t need to pay anyone to buy these fruits, we take benefits of it without paying any cost.

There are different varieties of fruits trees provide which includes mango, apple, guava, pineapple, blackberry, papaya, coconut, and many other delicious fruits.

Fruits are essential for our body and to sustain it for longer periods in future we should start to care for fruit trees.

3) Oxygen

We are human beings and we require oxygen to survive and the source of oxygen is our best friend trees, they provide us free oxygen and that’s because we are alive.

To keep our human existence on planet Earth, we all should take care and plant more trees.

So these are some great benefits we get from our best friend trees.

How can you plant more trees ?

In the above explanation now you’ve understood the benefits of trees in our life, so another main thing we have understood how we can plant more trees so there would be no problem due to less trees.

As we already know trees take years to grow, so when we start today planting trees it would great opportunity for us.

When we start planting a tree per month over the course of a year, we would cumulatively have 12 trees and we goes on like we have a lot more trees.

But now talking about planted trees is big challenge in front of us, for that we should make a plan to give water to trees every 5 days and remove small grass around planted trees.

That’s some sort of overview of how you could plant trees and take care of them so then they can successfully grow.

In this post we gave you trees are our best friend essay, 150 words, and here we also mentioned benefits of trees in our life and how you can plant trees. Hoping this essay will make you happy.

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