Value of Time Essay In English 100 Words

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Value of Time Essay In English 100 Words

Time is the greatest thing we humans know and time has a huge impact on everything.

Understanding the discovery of time is kind strange thing for us, but we are acutely aware about how time is valuable in anybodys life.

In daily life, we all often hear the adage ‘time is money’ and some people believe in this adage, but time is more than that.

Time is required to build things which can be a person’s character, a great product, or any other thing but in other time is also a factor here, which can destroy these within less time as compared to time required to build these things.

Ones who use time in the present to learn, try and build which will help them to become successful in the future.

In other words, if we use our time to do great things, it will pay off in the future.

Wherever we spend our time at present, we will be the person we’ve done in the past.

How you can give value to time ?

Giving value to time is like utilizing time to do the things you love most.

In similar words, if someone would like to become a good sports person and want to improve their performance in sports, they should spend most of their time thinking and practicing the things which will improve his/her performance in sport.

Another example for giving value to time is if a student wants to make good score in exam, he should focus on spending time of preparation on completing exam syllabus, understanding the concepts, asking doubts to teacher.

Spending time doing things you love is like giving value to time.

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Clearly we know ones who will give value to time by improving things and utilize present time to put effort will be successful in their life.

In contrast, those who will spend their time, doing things they don’t love or just enjoying their time, enjoying by watching movies and partying with friends will regret in future and think why they didn’t spend time to study, do build things, etc.

And from now they need to forget what they did in the past and start giving value time by spending time doing good things.

Importance or Value of Time In Students Life

Obviously everyone knows that a student has a specific time period to pass out from a particular standard or grade; in other words, students have a limited time to crack an exam.

And that period of time is often called preparation time, in which a student has to study the stuff for an exam.

During preparation time, students study hard, understand concepts, solve doubts faced during study, and practice examination demo papers.

And those students studying who utilized their preparation time to study and to make progress will definitely perform better in an exam as compared the the students who didn’t use time or didn’t give value to time.

Clearly the importance of time in student life is huge because time helps a student to crack an exam successfully and make good scores in an exam.

Note: In this post we give you value of time essay in english 100 words. Here we include the importance of time in students life and how you can give value to time. Hoping this post will add some value.

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