What Is Humanity And The Importance Of It In Human Life [Essay]

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What Is Humanity And The Importance Of It In Human Life Essay

Every human on the planet should believe that human existence on the planet is because of the word humanity.

On the other hand, there are also few humans on planet who behave not like humans and didn’t care about humanity and we have seen or we see this kind of humans who don’t care about humanity.

We have read about humans who don’t care about humanity and harm humans, and many of us might experience these kinds of things in recent years.

But over all on the planet earth there are more humans who care about humanity and love humanity, so the world is exits today and many parts of world humans live peacefully.

Living in the world peacefully is possible just because of the there are more populations in the world respecting humanity.

What is Humanity?

Humanity is when humans love each other and give support to each other when other humans are in trouble without seeing what work he/she human doing, how poor he/she, from which religion he/she just giving them help and support while they struck in troubles.

That’s the real humanity we experience many times in our daily lives.

As humans, what can we do to show humanity? We can give food to humans who are hungry; we can provide financial support to needy humans who are going through expensive medical treatments; we can give emotional support; we can take them to hospital when they are injured, in road accidents, etc.

Along with that As human beings we all should keep in mind in our life is that humanity is superior than any other things.

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The Importance of Humanity in Human Life

1. It Can Avoid Wars

The huge importance of humanity in human life is that it can avoid big wars.

If war situations are on the rise between two countries, the leaders of the country can hold peace talks to avoid the war.

If the main leaders of a country have somewhat cared about humanity and loved human existence, they can take decisions to cancel war so humans cannot need to bear the consequences of war on countries.

But here the condition is that the main chairs of the country should have compassion for human.

So showing humanity can help avoid the happening of big wars.

2. Spreads Peace

Every human is finding peace in their life, and humans cannot feel good about life when peace is not inside; peace is the source of human happiness.

So every human being wants peace in their life.

When humans assist each other and give help to needy ones who are going through troubles, that small action of giving helps them to live peacefully.

Like that many humans in the world suffer from various problems and troubles, so consider giving them help as we can, which is living around yourself so we all live peacefully.

Humanity has a big role to play in making the world a peaceful place to live.

So spreading peace in human life is a great advantage of humanity.

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